Tuesday, 4 August 2015


At Wimbledon this year Australian Tennis Professional Marinko Matosevic lost in the first round to Liam Broady who is currently ranked 182 in the World. For that loss to a local which drove the English spectators into a frenzy Marinko picked up just shy of thirty thousand English pounds, that's not a bad day's work in any man's language.
In the lead up to Wimbledon the Aussie who doesn't really own a real Aussie name lost in the first round of qualifying at Nottingham to Greg Zemlja who at the time was ranked 297. Prior to that he lost in the first round at the Topshelf Open in the Netherlands to Pospisil but picked up five thousand euros and he also lost in the opening round of the French Open to Bellucci. That draw in Paris was a real tough one but picking up twenty seven thousand euros would perhaps ease the pain of an early loss.
In May in Geneva another first round loss netted him four thousand euros and in Portugal a few weeks earlier he didn't trouble his opponent too much either but pocketed another four thousand euros. In fact in April this year Marinko picked up over sixteen thousand euros in three straight first round tournament losses, Houston and Barcelona being two more tournaments he contested. 
At Indian Wells in the US in March Matosevic picked up another ten thousand US dollars for another first round loss, this time to the Frenchman Roger-Vasselin who at the time owned a ranking of 145. In February Marinko faired much better in Mexico as he lost in the round of 16 to Ferrer and earned 18,000 euros for his efforts.
At Delray Beach in the same month Marinko beat Isner in the first round in a huge upset then managed only four games against Nishioka from Japan ranked 154, work than one out. He did pick up $8,000 US for that tournament, not bad for two matches. 
So to the figures; Throw in another couple of events that I won't bore you with the details of and Marinko has a singles win / loss ratio this year so far of 3-15, that's if the ATP site is correct. Now what does a player of Marinko's standard bank after that many losses as opposed to wins ? Try a cool $217,964 US dollars. I believe that the figure next to a professional tennis player's name is US Dollars, correct me if I am wrong. A large chunk of that actually came from winning a first round match at the Australian Open in January this year, $60,000.
So there you have it, you don't actually have to win regularly to make a living as a pro tennis player, Marinko Matosevic is living proof, he lives the dream though, big time. Some call him 'Mad Dog' in reference to his rather strange on and off court mannerisms which if you have had the pleasure to witness, well you will understand the nick name.
'Mad Dog' is living proof that you simply just have to win now and then and not consistently like Roger and Novak who's bank accounts dwarf Marinko's by a long way. He has however won just a tick under two million dollars which has seen him travel around the World more than a few times hitting tennis balls at some rather lavish venues.
The biggest factor that goes with the above information is the ranking factor that sees a player walk into the main draw of some events yet play qualifying in others.
All that really needs to happen is for a tennis professional to sneak inside the top 100 players in the World and stay there for as long as possible, that will guarantee a sizeable bank account.
Pretty simple really.........

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