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Thursday, August 13, 2015

The Stanimal's Comeuppance..

This two minute clip tells the whole story.

A heated match with call controversies. A couple live wires at play, both with history of being on court snits. NK is starting to bug out just like all of us do when we feel we're getting tooled. SW is getting emotionally distracted and impatient with NK bugging out, just like all of us do when we have an opponent acting out.

Some times we let it go. Other times we do what SW did, which is bark out our dissatisfaction at our opponents behavior (long storied and ugly history of this in pro tennis btw)

I don't know about you, but when you stop play and publicly call out an already obviously agitated opponent, do you expect things to mellow out or escalate? Maybe the calling out helps your opponent see the errors in his ways and he chills. Maybe the calling out agitates him further and not being one to let anyone get over on him, he retaliates... with emphasis.

NK took the latter approach. Please spare me the Stan is a victim here bs. He gives as good as he gets out there  (just ask Mirka and RF who've been around him for years..he has never had a pleasant on ct disposition and has been getting in to it with opponents his whole career)

Obviously what NK said was way over the line and deserving of a fine and possibly more. I'm near certain if SW keeps his trap shut and doesn't provoke him, we're not talking about any of this.

When you provoke an obviously agitated person, whether on a tennis court or driving down the street, you're taking a huge risk...and you don't get to determine how they're gong to respond. Sometimes you'll get lucky and nothing will happen, sometimes you will get a raging lunatic and all bets are off. SW got lippy with an agitated NK and he got back a lot more than he bargained for. We all did.

Tennis has wanted a bad boy for a while now. Well, careful what you wish for. This kid is wildly talented, yet super volatile. Fasten your seat belts everyone. This is gonna be quite a ride these next few years..

Kids Today...Sheesh..

That piece was courtesy of a fellow by the name of Barry Buss who writes about tennis in the US. Not a bad view of it all......

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