Sunday, 23 August 2015


So another title on the ATP tour is about to be contested by Fed and Novak, just for a change, this time in Cincinnati. If you did the sums on current form you would probably pick Roger to win this one as Novak has struggled all tournament just to get to the final. The thing about Novak however is that he usually finds a way to win no matter the opponent or the situation.
I do hope Roger wins this event as he is at the age where most players sit back and enjoy retirement but the Swiss genius seems far from satisfied with his achievements. No matter who wins this particular event it will be interesting to look at the statistics and just what the difference was in the end. There is usually a whisker in it as far as points for and against are concerned and there may just be an ounce of luck that separates a tie breaker win or a break of serve opportunity.
I love looking at tennis statistics, it puts the game into perspective. Most of the top players do not actually lose to an opponent, they are simply beaten by a better one that thinks their way through things just slightly more efficiently.
Roger I believe has never lost a tournament final, he was just beaten by a genius on the day.
This time I am not going to tip either way but I am hoping for a Federer victory, one for the 'old blokes'........

*** The straight sets win to Federer by the score of 7-6, 6-3 I suppose was not a real surprise as previously mentioned, Novak had struggled all tournament. Federer won 20 of 27 net approaches, that's 5 games alone won by coming to the net.
Roger also used the chip charge tactic to perfection which when you think about it, well it's rather obscene to be doing that to the World number one's serve. To stand well inside the baseline to receive serve, chip it ,then set up for a volley is a tactic that will bother any player.
Taking time away from a baseliner is something that should be looked at by players and coaches, it has more than an ounce of merit.
A 7-6, 6-3 win is a tight match yet a 7-1 tiebreaker score is a statement that you are not waiting for a mistake from the opposition, you are taking the game on. Roger knows he is not young enough to be playing from the baseline all day and he has found a unique style that affords him shorter points.
Not every player has the volleying ability of Fed but perhaps net rushing can still be looked at for future playing styles. At least it can break up the monotony of baseline tennis. It would be disappointing to see it cease when the Swiss genius finally hangs up the racket as baseline robots are a dime a dozen.
The 'old bloke' had a win which should give all the other old blokes some heart to hang around and keep the young blokes honest......

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