Friday, 18 March 2016


Last month I wrote a chapter that touched on the fact that Jim Courier had a red hot go at David Goffin's apparent 'inflated' ranking just because he was getting a red hot belting from Mr Federer. I wonder if Jim would have said the same thing about David if he had perhaps won a set or at least a few more games but Fed was on fire that night. He saw it like a football.
So how is David Goffin's ranking looking now days Jim ? Well I reckon it's looking pretty damn good and whether Jim Courier likes it or not I think the Belgium pocket rocket is in the top 20 to stay for quite some time. How about Indian Wells this week Jim ?
Goffin is in the semi finals after beating none other than Stan the Man in the round of 16 in three sets and then Cilic in straight in the quarters. Every pro who owns a name or a game turns up at Indian Wells, in fact you could almost call it 'the fifth Grand Slam', it's huge. To beat Stan and Maran on a neutral surface with no real advantage to any player is an effort that cannot go unnoticed. So how did he do that Jim ?
Well it may just be because David Goffin is in fact a very good tennis player and even though he may not own a game that is recognised as big, classy or really even that entertaining he owns an ability to win.
David Goffin is just a light weight tennis player who can in fact beat the heavy weights by simply getting the ball in play. He is not unlike David Ferrer of Spain who bothers opponents to the extremes of frustration as he really does not own a big shot, just a very big heart.
I wonder if Goffin got wind of Courier's rather unflattering comments from the Federer match in Australia this year ? Hope so cos I reckon that Jim fired him up and now he's just doing his best to prove him wrong. I love to see that in World Tennis.
You don't have to own a big game to be successful, you just have to find a way to keep getting the ball back, it's not rocket science, just common sense. Jim Courier I believe owes David Goffin an apology because it's not the commentator's place to make assumptions as to whether a player owns an 'inflated' ranking or a 'legitimate' one. Unless that player is an absolute 'crab' and cannot justify his place on court with the big boys then I think he deserves a bit of respect.
David Goffin has proven not just this week that he belongs whether he beats Raonic in the semi final or not, it's simply a huge result just getting to the last 4 as he is in good company.
Some commentators are too full of their own self importance and are quick to judge players and usually it comes back to bite them on the arse.
I reckon Jim got bitten big time..........

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