Saturday, 12 March 2016


Interesting to note the pairing of Isner and Raonic at Indian Wells this week. When I say interesting I mean of course why wouldn't these two pair up more often ? Simple answer, the return. Both of these guys own two of the biggest serves in the game yet they only just squeaked by Andy Murray and Colin Fleming who rank where on the doubles radar as a team ?
The next match that the two big servers play will put the argument to rest; Can two huge servers dominate doubles ? Personally I believe they have one match left in them even if it is a 6 and 6 defeat. The return in dubs far outweighs the serve and I believe that these two lack an all round game. I may be stating the obvious.
The Spanish team of Lopez and Lopez or Bopanna and Mergea should be able to find the spots that these two dislike but it will be fun to watch regardless. The game of dubs has changed somewhat and the returners now days can beat the servers with a bit of guile and finesse.
Doubles now days is in fact like a chook raffle, any number can come up, it's just a case of taking the chances when they arise. When you spin a wheel anything can happen and any number can come up.
Have a look at the draw in the Mens dubs at Indian Wells and tell me if anything is different to spinning the wheel at the end of a game of golf at the club house after 18 holes over a few beers.
And people bet on tennis......

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