Sunday, 6 March 2016


 The following article is courtesy of Tyson Otto of the Herald Sun. I find it rather interesting as the ATP have once again gone after a 'small fish' to make an example of in regards to match fixing. It has similarities to the Nick Lindahl farce where a player wasn't even on the big stage ( Lindahl was a Challenger Event player ).

The ATP are not interested in anyone but the small fish because they are too frightened to upset the big stars of the game so they start at the bottom. How about they start at the top instead and work their way down or would that bring the game into disrepute if they found something ? This player in this article is another 'nobody' who the ATP will kick off the tour just so it looks as though they are doing something to weed out issues. Weak as piss ATP.......

Banned tennis match-fixer claims ATP Tour ruined his life

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