Wednesday, 16 March 2016


 "The next match that the two big servers play will put the argument to rest; Can two huge servers dominate doubles ? Personally I believe they have one match left in them even if it is a 6 and 6 defeat. The return in dubs far outweighs the serve and I believe that these two lack an all round game. I may be stating the obvious. The Spanish team of Lopez and Lopez or Bopanna and Mergea should be able to find the spots that these two dislike but it will be fun to watch regardless. The game of dubs has changed somewhat and the returners now days can beat the servers with a bit of guile and finesse. "
I wrote that a few nights ago in regards to two big servers teaming up in doubles ( Isner and Raonic ). It goes to show that guys who rely heavily on their serve tend to spend a lot less time on the return and it showed in their next match against the Spanish team of Lopez and Lopez. (6-4, 7-5 )
How good are tennis professionals ? The Spanish team just proved it. Imagine trying to not only get an Isner or Raonic bomb back into play but away from the net player and into a position which sets up a  50 / 50 play. Many returns in singles do not have to be as precise as in doubles and I think at times doubles exponents are not given the credit they deserve.
As I wrote earlier I think the tournament at Indian Wells is like a 'chook raffle', anyone can win the doubles event with just a little bit of luck on the big points but in particular smart play in the third set super tie breakers.
From memory there were around 9 matches that went the distance in the round of 32 in Mens dubs, that's a lot of tight tennis.
Doubles is not for the faint hearted with the new cut throat scoring system now days. Hats off to the World's best doubles players, tough way to make a living........

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