Thursday, 24 April 2014


Some players retire in matches early or some don't turn up at all to certain tournaments due to what is commonly known as an 'injury'. At 45 i am still waiting for my first 'injury'. Front up , toughen up and grit the teeth . There's no shame in losing , you lose respect by either not finishing a match for one reason or another or you use the old 'injury' line if you think the opposition are too good and you pick and choose your tournaments according to who enters. Recently i lost a doubles final locally to two young fellows who i taught to play when they were 12 years old, did i feel embarrassed by this ? No, i couldn't have been prouder for two reasons , one that i can still give kids half my age a run and two that what i taught them as kids has helped them become good players. I know my limitations and i won't go chasing 'glory' around the state , too old and slow , but in my town i like to set an example for my students , front up , have a go , set the standard , simple really. If you don't like who is playing then do things the old fashioned way , turn up and beat them , simple really........
*FOOTNOTE- Italian Tennis Professional Fabio Fognini recently retired during his second round match in Barcelona after trailing his opponent 0-6, 0-4. Would it be fair to say that Fabio , who is renowned for his up and down mental state was in fact having a bad day and went the 'injury' story to save his reputation at a possible bagel bagel??
You do the sums..... 

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