Wednesday, 30 April 2014


An interesting article was written recently in tennis, it was written by Wayne Bryan , coach of his two famous sons Bob and Mike who are without a doubt the greatest duo in Men's doubles in the history of the game. Wayne Bryan is a man to be respected and to be heard , he was voted the World Team Tennis Coach of the Year from 2004-2006. Wayne had some things to say that should not only get  people talking but it also strangely similar to what is and what has been happening in Australia for a long time. 
Wayne Bryan believes the following and i will quote word for word;
" Leave coaching to the private sector and not to the National Governing Body, it has never worked, it will not ever work.
Under 10 Mandate must be removed or at least tweaked. Parents and coaches across the country are saying have all the nerf ball and soft colored ball tournaments you want, just allow regular tournaments for juniors that want to play them in the Under 10's.
I do however think there is a fresh wind blowing in tennis. Club pros and college pros and high school coaches and concerned parents are getting involved and speaking out. They are no longer afraid of USTA back lash, either real or imagined".
Isn't that brilliant ? Let's simplify this; Wayne Bryan is saying exactly what Australian legends Pat Cash and Paul McNamee have been saying for quite some time . 'Let kids stay where they are getting results rather than put them all in one fish bowl with the Head Fish to be taught his way or the highway'. 
His take on the soft ball tournament scene is even better. Even i have said in the past that i think it's a load of crap . Do you think Martina Hingis would have won the French Open junior title in 1993 at age 12 if she had been confined to hitting soft colored tennis balls until the age of 10?? 
Wayne Bryan is 100 percent correct in saying that if parents and kids specify that they are not interested in playing with those balls then they should be allowed to play a REAL Tournament with REAL BALLS, great point Mr Bryan. But hang on what would happen if we did this in Australia? Total Mayhem;
If we were to go back to REAL TENNIS BALLS for juniors then Tennis Australia wouldn't be able to have such big glossy banners that are full of gimmicky , insignificant 'information' such as 'Hot Shots'. (this is another name for half court tennis, but with low pressured balls). 
God forbid if Tennis Australia also had to take away 'Cardio Tennis' from their repertoire of 'programs' that 'mesmerize' the public into thinking 'geez look at all our options here'. Cardio Tennis? Fair dinkum , a glorified terminology for doing court sprints and star jumps. Hang on did i mention that it also costs money to do these star jumps?? 
Wayne Bryan is a man who should know what is right and what is wrong with the game in his country , we also have a guy here who would've changed things for the better if he was elected but Paul McNamee had way too many brains for Tennis Australia so they over looked 'Macca'. 
As i mentioned in a previous chapter , tennis is in 'safe hands' isn't it ?? If i had to hit with soft balls when i was a kid i would've taken up golf instead, now there's a game with 'Real Balls'.......

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