Tuesday, 29 April 2014


I read somewhere on a Coaching Provider's website that he was offering many , many things because quite frankly this guy seems to own every certificate available to the game of tennis. Now the one thing that astounded me was that he is telling the public that among other things he is 'the man' to see if you want to make tennis your career as a player. Hmmm what's wrong with this statement ?? 
How does he know that he is 'the man' if none of his students have ever become a professional and what qualifications does he have to apparently achieve this goal ?? I can answer both of these questions but i will remain polite.
Why would you offer to the public a one in a million chance to make a living from a game that has a strike rate of just that ? Or perhaps this figure should be higher. If you are after facts and figures then my previous chapter titled 'Word For Word' is worth a read . This game is getting out of hand. Fair dinkum now we have people saying to the public that we are good enough to get you a playing career , hang on let me go find that needle in a haystack .....
No Mentor or Coach of any sport should be saying to the public that they are offering a program good enough to make it as a professional unless it's already been proven . Darren Cahill and Jason Stoltenberg could actually offer this however as they both had a hand in bringing Lleyton Hewitt from a 15 year old Australian Open Qualifier to World Number 1 .
So what should the public be reading ? Not offers of fairy tales for a start. A realistic program that can offer a kid a chance to fulfill his potential and a realistic assessment of the student's game on a regular basis is what both the parents and the students require . I used to give kids a week or two off if either i felt they were tired of the game or just going through the motions , the parents appreciated the honesty. That's all it takes , no fairy tales , just a bit of honesty regarding the intricacies of the game of tennis , fair dinkum......

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