Tuesday, 8 April 2014


When you get to age 45 as a tennis coach you look at your past days on court as a player and sometimes ask the question " did I achieve anything"? We have all played the game of tennis however much of our success in the game has come from handing down our knowledge as a mentor of the game as opposed to perhaps 'glory days' as a kid.
I just played a local tennis championship and found myself up against an 18 year old kid who had every shot in the book , but not quite the knowledge to impart it on his ever improving game . Took me two hours of physical pain and mental frustration to get over the line , but I put it on the line.
It's good for students to watch their mentors and Coaches play tennis tournaments as it reinforces what they are being taught. Some of us call it 'walking the walk' as well as 'talking the talk'.
When I was 28 I played my first coach in a local tournament in singles , he was 40 , he had a great game and very smart , but I had the legs . I had a win . Did I lose respect for him ? No , I liked him more . I appreciated his effort to still play the game as his legs were starting to move a little slower.
There is no disgrace in losing as a Coach of the game , people appreciate the effort put in as teachers of any sport or profession have a go against kids young enough to be their kids , it's character building on both fronts.
I haven't walked properly for two days , but I am a proud man and Coach of the game of tennis because I followed a terminology that the company Nike told the public to do many years ago and I did just that ; JUST DO IT .........

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