Thursday, 1 May 2014


Dmitry Tursunov is ranked 32 in the World , his opponent in the Portugal Open was ranked 243 , a fellow from Portugal himself , Rui Machado. So how does a guy ranked 243 in the World beat a guy ranked 32 by the score of 6-0, 6-0 ?? 
Whether you are having a bad day or not i believe you owe it to the audience to put up some sort of effort, after all you are a professional. I used to have some time for this guy from Russia, he is what you call a tennis journeyman , a Davis Cup player for his Country and a regular top 50 player for many years. What he has done is opened the door of discussion for 'tanking' and why should he receive as much for a first round loss as some real workers get in 8 weeks of real work ? 
Put in an effort that goes with your job or donate the money to the tournament for future junior development of that country, either way Tursunov deserves nothing for that effort. A bit harsh you think? What about a betting scandal ? What would the odds have been on that score you reckon? Dmitry may now never have to 'work' again if he had a few bucks on himself to lose by that score line......

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