Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Had a look at the French Open results tonight on the net, nothing out of the ordinary. Lleyton lost to a European , much younger with way more clay court ability, and a more glamorous name, Carlos, you should always be concerned playing a 'Carlos' on clay. 
Matty Ebden lost to even more of a European name in Pablo Cuevas and only managed 6 games in three sets, a clay court lesson for another Aussie. Bernard , well he was simply 'Bernie', as always , asleep for the first two sets before a brief wakey, wakey moment. He clawed his way to 5 games all in the third set against the top ranked Frenchman Gasquet , or 'Reeshard' as they like to call him over there. Two games later , all over Bernie, go hit a nightclub.
Now I have my theories, as always, but surely the Aussies aren't training on the right surface to be able to take it up to the Carlos's and Pablo's of the tennis World, Tennis Australia's fault?  You do the sums.
Now the other Aussie with the real okker name Marinko Matosevic, now here's a player who impresses me, a guy who has won basically nothing but has an attitude that goes with his name. Marinko had never won a Grand Slam singles match , until now , however at the Oz Open he went close , losing in 5 tough sets to Nishikori, the next top tenner, without a doubt. At the end of that match Marinko accused people of not cheering loudly enough for him and in particular his coach Mark Woodforde, an Aussie legend, interesting way of passing the blame Marinko. 
Meanwhile in Paris  Marinko finally received a kind draw and he beat his lower ranked opponent Dustin Brown , a man with more dread locks than Bob Marley , but good tennis player all the same, in 4 tight sets . This apparently was the Aussie's first win in a big 4 tournament , boy did he celebrate. Now i am all for celebrating achievements however Marinko kept Dustin waiting after he had achieved victory with a rather unusual 'body roll'. As if to bury some demons from his past and just as Jim Courier had jumped into the Yarra River 2 minutes after defeating Edberg in the Oz Open final in the 90's , Marinko wanted to savor the moment. 
A full body roll , almost from the baseline to the net, the sort of roll that you taught yourself as a kid when you tackled a hill at the local park , tuck the arms in , away you go. All this while Dustin was waiting to shake hands , but I think this is karma. At Wimbledon last year Dustin did something i am sure he will forever regret after beating Lleyton Hewitt in the second round. Rather than soak up the atmosphere and take it all in at the most famous tournament in the World he simply ignored the fans , didn't sign an autograph and simply left the stadium. There surely would be many more chances to experience this right? Wrong. Dustin has won very little, in fact his win against Hewitt was possibly only his second ever victory in a Grand Slam Tournament, but I could be wrong , doubt it though.
Anyhow, if I was Dustin , well i would've made the time to sign some 'new fan's' autographs, but that's just me.
 In other matches the Bulgarian 'future great' Grigor Dimitrov lost to a guy with the World's biggest serve, Ivo Karlovic, which typified Mats Wilander's assessment of him last year "He has his mind set on imitating Federer and yes it looks good. But he has no idea what to do on the court",  smart guy is Mats. A guy of Dimitrov's ability should simply not lose to a player like Karlovic , he should have way too many shots for a predominantly big server . 
Was Stan Wawrinka's loss a surprise ? No, he lost to Garcia- Lopez, a scary name in World tennis on clay courts, a bad draw and Stan isn't yet an accomplished player on the dirt. Murray lost a set , to be expected, he also has no real form on the clay in Paris , not consistently anyhow. He pushed Rafa in Rome though, he may be learning the art .
Love this tournament, brings out the best and worst...... 

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