Sunday, 4 May 2014


Joachim Johanssen of Sweden was always going to be a Champion tennis player, or would he have become  a racing car driver of he had not made it at tennis? Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic, Bjorn Borg, Mats Wilander, Ilie Nastase, Jonny McEnroe, is there a pattern ? What about Roger Federer? Half of the great man's name is one that is right up there with the best , but Roger?? No disrespect to the 'Fed' , but if Roger's first name was perhaps Rafael or Anders then it would've been the 'ultimate' tennis name. Yes yes i know that we are all used to Roger but it just doesn't have that ring to it like Andre Agassi does it? 
So what's in a name? A marketer's dream if it's not John Smith, but hang on ......
'JP' is an Australian Tennis professional , he however goes by the name John Patrick Smith, no disrespect to 'JP' but i think i know why, he doesn't want to be the first guy on the Pro tour with a name more likened to a Farmer. I hope Jonny goes well and shows the 'Feds' and Nadals of this world that  'Smithy' or 'JP' can match it with the best in the tennis world.
Personally apart from my obvious lack of ability as a tennis player Glenn Thompson was never going to be a marketing success , unless I was known as perhaps 'Thommo' , but realistically i don't think any advertising company would've wanted me for their billboard or slogans. I love the way David Ferrer is known to commentators around the World , it isn't DAVID , it's DARVEED, now there's a name isn't it ? Could we have changed or pronounced Glenn differently? How about Gee Lenn? We will never know. 
The game of tennis has seen some classic names such as the above mentioned, but surely none get close to the up and down Italian Tennis Pro who has moments of brilliance, then moments he goes missing, Fabio Fognini, now this guy is a marketing dream . He not only looks like a guy who could model swim wear but with a name like Fabio this guy has got all the goods. He was however being belted by the score of 6-0, 4-0 a fortnight ago before he retired due to 'injury'. Maybe too late a night the night before with a European 'fan' or two, the job has its perks that's for sure.
If you were born with a name to match the sport i am envious , i wasn't blessed with my name , nor was 'Smithy' , but it's the luck of the draw when you are born, we can only blame our folks. 
Rafa, Fed, Novak and FABIO were blessed, not only with tennis playing ability but with a name to match their high profiles, some people in this world are blessed with more than one thing in life......

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