Wednesday, 21 May 2014


Yes, yes i know you have a 'coach' that tells you how to hit a tennis ball, the World is full of 'em, dime a dozen I call 'em, they all do the same old stuff. 
Drill this , drill that, sprint here, sprint there, it will all benefit a budding tennis player, sure it will. Have you ever watched a Pro's Coach in 'action' at the back of the court while his player is hitting up ? What does he do ? You are right, he does nothing except the following;
He watches intently, he lets his player get grooved, he says the occasional thing, he always has a racket and a ball or two in his hand , but above all , he doesn't do much. Why is this ? 
His player knows how to hit a tennis ball , probably has done for 15 or 20 years , the Coach isn't interested in the way he hits the ball because he knows he does it almost to perfection, what he wants is the thought process to be active. He wants his player to be able to construct a point, pretty simple stuff hey? So why don't kids get taught to construct a point? The 'coach' is too busy with his head up his own arse , that's why.
I have often talked fondly of Brad Gilbert, not everyone's favorite tennis player for one reason or another but it may have had more to do with the fact that he was simply a genius. How anyone could beat the best in the World on more than one occasion with the shots he owned was testimony to the fact that he was a clever tennis player.
So what is a Pro Coach doing on the side of the court looking cool with those sunnie's on and looking more like a part of his player's entourage than anything or anyone else? He's just looking for one thing, one thing to say to his player when he gets off court or when he goes for a drink of water. He is looking for that one thing to say that will make a difference because he is quite simply his player's brains. He is the guy who is a dictionary of all the smart things in the World regarding the game of tennis and no matter what his player does or says , well, he has an answer for it, and a smart answer at that. 
He wants his player to think about how he can utilize his strengths and to hide his weaknesses as best he can and he wants his player to win a match by forcing his opponent to lose it.
Constructing enough points in tennis to win a match is an art, it's why most 'coaches' will never ever take a player to a level that is required to win consistently, it's why his best kids will burn out before they are 16.
There's a lot to the game of tennis , much more than saying 'great shot buddy, you the man', it's a game that requires a smart mind to play it but more importantly to teach it. The next time you see that Coach wearing the sunglasses, looking cool and simply watching what his player is doing without really offering too much well think again, he's processing data...........

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