Thursday, 16 October 2014


If ever there was an example or two as to just how tough the game of tennis is then look no further than the recent results in Moscow at The Kremlin Cup. At times I think we all take for granted that the World's best players simply just keep winning, after all it's their job isn't it ? If they didn't keep winning well surely they would be the next Bricklayers or Lawn Mower Men.
So how tough is it in Men's Professional Tennis ? How's this.....
Ricardas Berankis, an old practice partner of Roger Federer took out World number 9 Milos Raonic in three sets in the second round . Berankis is in fact ranked 116 currently.
Mikhael Kukushkin is ranked 74 currently and he belted the Italian 'gangster' Fabio Fognini easily 4 and 2 in the same round. Fabio is currently ranked 19 but as we all know, he has his ups , downs and more downs.
So there you go , do the sums on those two matches. Are you the hunter or the hunted in Men's World Tennis ? All depends on who turns up, 'Dr Jekyll' or 'Mr Hyde'........

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