Tuesday, 21 October 2014


The following highlights are from 2010 in Miami where Argentinian David Nalbandian is up against Viktor Troicki of Serbia. I am not quite sure why Troicki is so furious with himself , especially at the end of the match as Nalbandian is in the 'zone'. 
I shared this on my site as I believe the camera angle is unique, not enough tennis matches are televised like this, it gives a clearer insight into what a player is up against. As my last chapter suggested David Nalbandian's backhand is quite remarkable and should be used as a coaching bench mark for that shot.
It does not matter how high the ball is hit to that side of the court, height is not something Nalbandian struggles with, he simply 'climbs' over the ball. A truly gifted tennis player was Nalbandian and one who I believe did not win as much as his ball striking would suggest.......

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