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Some people ask me why I don't write about women's tennis. Easy answer , it does not interest me. Even if Sharapova is playing I won't really watch any more than perhaps a game or two because she is too loud. Victoria Azarenka brought the whole women's tour into disrepute two Australian Opens back when she blatantly cheated against Stephens. Funny thing is, she was allowed to do it, not sure why but all that was missing in this episode was the footage of Azarenka having a cuppa and a tim tam while she gathered her thoughts.
Women's tennis to me is almost baffling. Why if you were Sam Stosur wouldn't you come to the net behind that serve ? She hits it like a man, especially the second delivery that has a kick on it that surely would set up an easy volley or two. Yet she chooses to stay back just like the rest of the pack. It's a wonderful thing the internet as it allows you to look up practically anything so here it goes, the statistic that backs the following claim ; Women simply don't go to the net except to shake hands.
The following information is from 20 or so matches from the WTA Tour at the beginning of January 2014, it's fascinating.
Of the 40 players who were put under the microscope only 27 of them came to the net so that means that 13 players only came to the net to give a handshake. The 27 players who did come to the net however only averaged just under 5 approaches per match. A vast difference from Roger Federer who in my last chapter was marked at 48 net approaches in his match against Djokovic, which Federer won.
The data states that out of the 126 net approaches that these women combined to make, a total of 84 points were in fact won. That's two thirds, I think. Just over 10 per cent were cleanly passed with a winner, so what does that tell us ?
Coming to the net is a great way to finish the point as it either forces an opponent into error or it can keep the points a little shorter which inevitably maintains the body, or both.
It seems that the whole concept of coming to the net is just too stressful for most women tennis players so they sit back and belt the ground strokes. So is the net game being taught by the modern day tennis coach ?
You do the sums.......
So there you go I have written a chapter about Women's Tennis, but will be my last. This was just to prove I am open to suggestion......

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