Wednesday, 8 October 2014


I can't say it enough , I thank you all sincerely for tuning in and reading my many chapters , it inspires me to write more. To the guy locally that jumped on at midnight to read several chapters, thanks Champ, perhaps a bit of insomnia so you needed something to read ? Or something to put you back to sleep maybe ??!!
To the members of the committee of people who have expressed their dislike for the things I write I see that you still can't help but log on to this site. I am glad you appreciate my writing despite your lack of appreciation for me personally. 
The game of tennis is one where we all express ourselves in different ways and I enjoy putting my memory of the game down on this site. As far as my theories are concerned, well we are all entitled to an opinion.
To those who I offended in the past with my rather blunt assessment on their ways of teaching the game or the way certain Clubs conducted themselves, well it's simple really;
If you take offence then perhaps what I have written has some substance after all.
I don't rely on tennis coaching for a living, never have and never will. I enjoy teaching however and sharing my thoughts on the game with students of all ages. After 32 years on court you learn a thing or two and above all I believe in not over charging or over coaching for that matter.
It may be the reason why I not only still enjoy teaching the game but I still enjoy playing. A win in the State 45's at the end of last season proved to be a moment in my tennis that I was extremely proud of. The title was a bonus but just playing it was something that proved that the desire was still there.
There was just one thing I was after before I turned 50 and that was an Australian age ranking , something I have not had since I was age 17. Somehow I managed to also gain a World age ranking, not sure how but I will take it. 
One bloke sent me a rather humorous message and told me I wasn't having a go at any tournaments so what right did I have to talk about anyone else ?! That tournament victory I dedicated to him. 
Just one thing before I go, remind me never to offer free one on one lessons again , whilst it's been good for business I am running out of time to do other things, you live and learn......
Regards Glenn

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