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I am not always speaking my mind on this site, a lot of the time I simply relay moments in the game that perhaps are considered rather controversial, like this one. 
Now don't get me wrong, I am not a fan of ugly parents or over bearing coaches but this one has always made me smile, I actually believe it has substance. 
Roger Rasheed, according to Bernard Tomic's Father John is 'not a tennis coach, he is a fitness instructor'. Does anyone not agree so far ? This comment was made many years ago when young Bernie was just 16. Rasheed may have started the feud when he had a go at Mr Tomic Snr regarding his over bearing ways regarding his son's mentoring. No real argument there either. 
From June 2003 to January 2007 Roger Rasheed was Lleyton Hewitt's Coach so why don't we look at the rankings history just to confirm John Tomic's claim ? 
June 2003 Lleyton Hewitt is ranked World Number 2 , two months earlier he was in fact World Number 1, not much difference really is there ?
By Christmas time Hewitt was ranked 17, now there IS a difference. 
By April 2004 the following year Hewitt was ranked 20, still heading the wrong way, sorry Roger R.
By September 2004 Lleyton was back to World Number 3, happy days again but a bit of a roller coaster ride with his new coach Mr Rasheed. 
I do remember reading once from Mr John Tomic a comment directed at Roger along the lines of " I would like to congratulate Roger Rasheed for taking Lleyton Hewitt from World number 2 to world number 20". I believe this was almost 100 per cent correct as my memory is pretty good. 
Anyhow all this aside, who is to blame ? Anyone who had commented on the whole thing , that's who is to blame just as I mentioned in an earlier chapter regarding Marinko Matosevic and Sam Stosur.
Marinko was asked for an opinion , he gave it, Sam Stosur had a go at Marinko, silly stuff really. How can you have a shot at someone who is simply asked to give an opinion ? What is right and what is wrong ? 
Personally I do not like Rasheed or Tomic but I will say one thing, the proof is in the example given. John Tomic did not appreciate what Rasheed said about his son so he fired back with some facts and figures.When you do the sums Mr Tomic may just be correct. Rasheed did take over an apparent 'dream job' of coaching the best player in the World however there is a slight problem there. 
It's one thing to take over a champion but the obvious issue is simple, can you keep them at the top ?  Personally I like the idea of taking a player from novice to champion, that's when you know you are teaching the game well.
Not quite sure how Roger and John are getting along now days but John T may just be quietly smiling. Gael Monfils and Jo Wilfred are no longer with Rasheed and Dimitrov is up and down like a yo yo with Roger as his coach.
Is Dimitrov cutting corners ? Apparently he has every shot in the book but needed a fitness coach as well as a technical coach. I don't believe Rasheed can do both......

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