Friday, 18 September 2015


I was so busy writing the Borg chapters that I neglected to do my Davis Cup semi final tipping so here goes. I would not have been on my own if I had tipped a Murray win and an Evans loss in the first two matches so I suppose the Tie starts from here.
Inglot and Murray should win the doubles against Hewitt and Groth fairly comfortably but let's say 4 sets as a hedged bet. The English duo are a lot more accomplished at the two on two format than the Aussies and it would take something extraordinary for the result to be reversed.
Why Australia can't find a doubles pairing like Peers and Guccioni is beyond me as those two are doubles specialists, in fact it's the only form of the sport that they play.
Murray should beat Tomic in the first reverse singles for a 3-1 win to the Poms. If anything else transpires I would be very surprised but sillier things have happened in tennis.....

**** The thing I like most about this Tie is that it is in fact being played on a neutral surface, an indoor hard court that holds no advantage to any player or country. Perhaps Australia could take a leaf out the book of the Murrays' who no doubt would have had a huge say in what the Davis Cup semi final was to be played on.
It shows belief in one's own game without leaning toward a supposed 'advantage' from a playing surface. I doubt anyone would have beaten Andy on grass yet they did not lay that particular court.
The hard court in fact put the tie in neutral playing territory yet Australia doesn't own either the faith in it's players or the balls to even attempt a neutral tie Down Under. 
It just seems to revert back to a surface that is played on for around four weeks of the year. Interesting........
Go the Poms.......

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