Monday, 14 September 2015


Without a doubt I find the game of tennis so ridiculously confusing that I continue to study it for that reason alone. Take for instance the US Open Mens Singles final played out in New York just this morning. The statistics all point to a Roger Federer win however he lost. Read on.
Roger won 39 of 59 net points or 66 per cent in simple terms. The great man also won just a tick under 40 per cent of receiving points. That's outrageous. Rog also won 62 of his own 87 first serves that he hit.
Roger also hit 56 winners. So why didn't he win the US Open title ? Simple.
Novak broke Roger's serve 6 times out of 13 chances, that's 46 per cent. Brilliant.
Roger broke Novak's serve just 4 times from 23 chances, there's your ball game.
So how does a player of Roger Federer's ability both technically and mentally actually get the opportunity to break the World number one's serve that many times yet manage to do it to the tune of just 17 per cent ?
The answer may just lay in a vault somewhere with the answers to tennis' greatest mysteries written on a scroll in fancy writing and marked 'Never To Be Opened'. If it was opened then perhaps it may make the sport a whole lot less interesting.
I for one am totally bemused by what happened today in New York or perhaps what didn't happen to be more to the point. Roger had enough opportunities on Novak's serve that he should have reversed the 4 set result and won in 4 himself.
This was one of those results that doesn't really make a whole lot of sense and I believe that Roger will have some sleepless nights over this loss.
Tough to do the sums on this one......

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