Tuesday, 29 September 2015


History will tell you that last year Roger Federer did not in fact play the final of the World Tour Finals due to an injury he received in his semi final match against Stan Wawrinka. The final was scheduled for November 16.
History will also tell you that seven days later Roger Federer won the fourth match of the Davis Cup final against Richard Gasquet and he won it rather easily, 6-4, 6-2, 6-2. Did Roger do the sums on tennis history and wonder whether a struggle against Novak in the final of the year ending championships was really worth jeopardizing what he actually hadn't won to that stage of his career ? Roger apparently had a back complaint, very similar to what Andy Murray currently has.
So all of the talk recently has been about whether or not Andy Murray should play the tour finals in London or whether he should skip it and prepare for the Davis Cup final. Remember these two tournaments are huge but no one will beat Novak in London the way he is playing so why wouldn't Andy look at the Davis Cup for something that would give his country a Holy Grail of sorts ?
If Andy plays the Tour Finals with a sore back then he will be struggling to get ready for Davis Cup duties which look like being on a clay court in Belgium. That will take time to prepare for.
Andy will put bums on seats in London for the World Tour Finals however he will be considered a national hero if he wins the Davis Cup for the Brits a week later.
He aint Superman, he needs to choose one or the other and the ATP isn't being realistic when looking at the schedule ahead of Andy.
Tough one but I think Andy may just save his best til last, do the sums on that.........

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