Thursday, 24 September 2015

'WTF' ??

"The ATP World Tour Finals is a mandatory event ", Chris Kermode, president of the ATP said. "All players who qualify, unless injured are required to play in the event".
Yes that's exactly what the main man said just recently yet Chris Kermode was one of the bright sparks' who no doubt scheduled the ATP finals to conclude so close to the Davis Cup final.
So how did that happen Chris ? An over sight ? It does seem however that there is a conflict of difference between the International Tennis Federation which schedules the Davis Cup and the ATP which organises all other tournaments. Why can't these guys work together ?
Now the Davis Cup final was always an event that was going to include at least one or more superstars of the game. There was also a better than average chance that at least one of these superstars was going to play in the Tour Finals so how did they find that date for the Davis Cup final ?
I remember many years ago when Andre Agassi played in the Davis Cup final against Australia in 1990 and it was just before a lucrative money making tournament called the Grand Slam Cup where the winner took home two million dollars. Agassi openly expressed his dislike of the event which from memory held no ranking points, I could be wrong but I am certain it was simply the equivalent of an exhibition event. So Andre did what any man would do, he 'received' an injury in his dead rubber singles match against future coach Darren Cahill. BRILLIANT ! Andre had his priorities, no doubt about it.
I vividly recall the match, Cahill took the first 6-4, Andre the second by that same score. During that second set he asked for the trainer who taped his pectoral muscle up like a mummy. He retired 'hurt' not long after. No Grand Slam Cup for Andre that year.
So to the moral of the story.
Why would Andy really give a s... about the Tour finals just before the Davis Cup final which would no doubt hold far more esteem for him if he could win that for his country ? He would be considered a national hero again which has wilted slightly since winning Wimbledon several years ago yet seems to have reignited since winning three matches in the semi against the Aussies.
So what does Andy do ? Well Andy could do an 'Andre' and go the injury line which could be on the cards considering he has a back issue or he could play the ATP finals. However that would risk his country's chances of claiming the Davis Cup title for the first time in around 37 or so years.
I think by now Andy has enough brains to work out what he should do so it's possible that he may play but just go through the motions.
I reckon Andy you stick with the back complaint until a week before the Davis Cup final then get yourself up and about. Have a rest, have a holiday, after all you are basically still on your honeymoon. Get the back right..... 
Your country needs you Champ......

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