Sunday, 28 September 2014


Here's one for you, a tiebreak story that backs up my last chapter. You tell me if the following match statistics doesn't make for good entertainment. 
A Futures match in Florida between two battlers, a guy ranked 569 vs another ranked 636 saw the most amazing tiebreak that perhaps has ever been played. The score was 36-34 in favor of Benjamin Balleret of Monaco against fellow countryman Guillaume Couillard. 
If you do the sums on that then you will realize that from say 6 points to 5 in favor of either player then it is quite plausible that each player may have had a total of around 15 set points each, roughly anyhow. The second set score was 6-1. Do you think that maybe after having 15 set points and losing the set it could have shattered the confidence of Couilliard ?? 
Quite possibly.........

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