Friday, 19 September 2014


I read recently that a Woman in Madrid was complaining that kids do not get a chance to become a ball kid at the Madrid Masters as they do in just about every other Pro Tournament around the World. 
I must admit, it's not a good look for tennis,ball kids are an essential part of Pro Tennis Tournaments.
I did hear though on the grapevine that the waiting list for this event is at an all time high, just a rumor. I will leave you with some pics of the obvious concern that the Men have in regards to playing this tournament where Female Models are hired to do the job of trained ball kids. 
I did hear one Pro say " I don't give a sh.. if they don't know how to throw the ball to me, it eases my frustration at losing a point".......


By all reports both Roger and Rafa hate going to Madrid........

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