Friday, 12 September 2014


Farrukh Dustovh from Uzbekistan is ranked around 130 in the World of Tennis and this year he has amassed a grand total of around $75,000 . I believe that's US dollars. Take off what the Tax man believes he has earned plus expenses and the great Aussie Postman has probably taken home more this year already. This guy was flown from the other side of the World to play a Davis Cup tie against Australia in a beach side location known as Cottesloe on the West Coast. I am rather familiar with the Cottesloe Tennis Club, I was the Assistant Coach there for around three years in the early 90's, great club, a stone's throw from the water.
Farrukh joined fellow Uzbekistan team mate and much higher ranked Dennis Istomen to take on the Aussie contingent of Hewitt, Kyrgios, Guccioni and Groth, apparently a one sided affair. So the question needs to be asked; If Australia are really that good, why play on grass ?? 
Apparently by all reports Australian Tennis is going gang busters, at an all time high, in the form of the past two decades, Australia is on the move in World Tennis. Are we missing something?
Australia does not train on grass, in fact no one trains on grass, it's a surface that is trained on for maybe three weeks before Wimbledon in the lead up tournaments then afterwards at Newport as a Post Wimbledon Competition.
So along comes Mr Dustovh, the Postie wage earner to take on Mr Hewitt, the Women's Day and New Idea's front page boy who puts his life out there for all to read, including my very personal favorite .
 Firstly I must apologize, I was at the Doc's receiving my annual cortisone in the wrist prior to the new tennis season where i read the 'news of the year'. "THE ROMANCE IS OVER" . Yep this was big news in Australia, Lleyton and Bec's 'romance' was over, but wait , there's more. When you read the article it appears a little deceiving, for obvious reasons. You see Bec and Lleyton are still married, but the romance is over, fact of life you two, you aint rabbits anymore, kids to attend to, bills to pay, school trips now the order of the day. 
However, if you sell your life to a high selling Australian magazine they will glam it all up and sell their mag's at your expense, providing you have a profile of course, as Bec and Lleyton do. I did once read from Bec that she would have to consider 'going back to work' as her hubby was not winning like he used to. Hmmmm, that's interesting Bec, what would you do ?? Sell milkshakes at the local diner in Home And Away ??
Back to the Davis Cup; Australia were a shoe in with this tie against Uzbekistan, so why all the fuss surrounding the grass court advantage ? Why not play it on a neutral hard court at Melbourne Park , home of the Australian Open where Marinko Matosevic and Nick Kyrgios still would have won easily ? Gucc and Sam in the dubs would have served their way to a three zip win with their booming serves, a 'walk in the park'.
It seems Australian Tennis may not be where everyone seems to think it is, a resort back to the 'cow paddock' proves just that, there is no faith in the players we have or the apparent ability they now possess. No this is serious stuff Australia, it's a blast back to the glory past of Newk, Rocket Rod and Roy Emerson, the days of turf tennis, no look to the future of the game, play it safe.
Farrukh, I do apologize on behalf of an Australian for two reasons, one, the surface at which we made you play on and two , for Lleyton Hewitt for once again carrying on like a pork chop. You know, the reaction when he wins a set,  , the 'Lawn Mower Man' style celebration, not sure what that's all about. JJ Janowicz showed the arrogant Aussie just how to start that mower at Wimbledon when he beat him in five, that's how you start a lawn mower Mr 'New Idea'.....
So is there any point to this latest chapter from GT ? Not really, just thought I would let some people know that 'beating up' on lower ranked countries in Davis Cup on surfaces that aren't a true reflection on anyone's real ability is not what all of us Aussie's are about. 
Show some guts Tennis Oz, prove that Aussie Tennis Professionals are actually where you say they are, up with the best, by pass the grass, get on a neutral court, grow some balls........

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