Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Some people think I am too harsh on Lleyton Hewitt as I have dedicated a few chapters to the arrogant Aussie in regards to what I don't like about him. But in all fairness I think Lleyton is a fantastic tennis player, just can't stand his on court mannerism, I think he carries on like a pork chop. I was hoping that as he approached his twilight years on the circuit that he would in fact tone down the way he goes about his business, but he hasn't and I still don't like him. Nuf said....
This chapter is dedicated to John Newcombe, an Aussie tennis legend , a man who reached World Number 1 in 1967 and a man who won all the majors except for the French Open. I don't mind 'Newk'.
What disappoints me greatly though is the Wimbledon commentary from Newk when he pairs up with another Aussie Champion Todd Woodbridge who I actually like to hear. So the problem with Newk ? 
Biased commentary, it's at a level of embarrassment that I am not quite sure of why or how it has been allowed to get so bad. For example , why is John allowed to say the following? "C'mon Lleyton let's get the break and finish it right here"!
Correct me if I am wrong but when you are employed as a commentator in any sport it is your job to be non biased towards any player or team. Could you imagine the great Australian AFL Commentator Bruce McAvaney giving his version of what Newk does at Wimbledon in an AFL game ? 
"Go you little bloody ripper Buddy, grab it , kick a goal, bang it home son and let's stick it fair up the opposition , we got these guys on toast ". Wouldn't go down too well now would it hey ? So what of Newk and his Wimbledon call ? 
Once again I will reiterate that whilst I do not like the way Hewitt conducts himself on court I do appreciate his obvious talent at playing the game, nuf said again. Newk has no right to take sides in a role as a Sports Commentator, the example I gave was one of many. His whole call on the match between Hewitt and Przysiezny was a fair dinkum disgrace. What made Newk believe that everyone watching actually wanted Hewitt to win ? 
Todd Woodbridge has a way with words, I like him as he even made reference to the 'Prima Donna' herself Victoria Azarenka regarding her ridiculous 'injury' and 'choking' time outs, fair call Toddy. I once dedicated a chapter to the 'cheater' regarding her rather embarrassing effort at the Australian Open when she couldn't close out the match against Stephens so she went and had a cuppa for ten minutes. 
So why is Woody paired up with Newk ? F... knows but it's like chalk and cheese with these two as Todd knows what to say and Newk just says what he wants to say regardless of whether or not it's actually in the commentator's rule book.
Eddie Maguire no longer commentates football games as his one eyed commentary during Collingwood games were beyond laughable.They were in fact just plain silly and Channel 7 copped a fair bit of flack over the whole thing. 
Is there a chance that someone can please do the same thing with Newk and put him 'out to pasture' please ? Great player , but commentator ? Even Eddie may not have been this biased........

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