Saturday, 20 September 2014


Latvian Tennis Professional Ernest Gulbis got himself into hot water at the 2013 French Open when he labelled the Top 4 Rafa , Federer, Novak and Murray 'boring'. If you look at the big 4 of the past, Mac, Connors, Lendl, Borg , well they all had different personalities but they were allowed to express. They did it in their own different ways .
Connors wanted to belt his opponents, McEnroe wanted to belt the umpire, Lendl wanted to hurt his opposition with his forehand ( he did so on a few occasions ) and Borg, well Bjorn didn't want to upset anyone, so quite simply, he didn't.
Gulbis thinks that all interviews by the big 4 are "crap", this may also have merit but Roger Federer puts it all into perspective for us all. Fed believes that Gulbis has a point , he gets what he means but he has a way with words the great man from Switzerland.
 Roger said " But we have to give interviews every single day , so it's not our fault. Gulbis has to do very few interviews ". Now that was funny.
Fast forward the clock.
In 2014 Gulbis knocked Roger out of the French Open , from memory I believe perhaps Round 3 or 4, will look it up later.
Ernest perhaps took those comments from Roger and fired himself up. I watched the match, it had every thing in it including toilet breaks to upset the opposition, funny stuff.
Ernest Gulbis may not be in the book of polite tennis players but he does have a point. If he keeps beating guys like Roger then I am sure he will be giving many more interviews in the future......

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