Monday, 15 September 2014


Hopefully Sam Stosur will get a look at this chapter as I believe it has merit, but obviously I am a little biased as I believe all that i write has substance. The latest controversy in World Tennis is 'Mad Dog' Marinko Matosevic speaking his mind and fellow Aussie Sam Stosur snapping back at him, rather funny stuff, here's how it all started.
Marinko Matosevic was asked what he thought of Andy Murray employing a female coach , so he gave an opinion, a Man's opinion, as you do, if you are a man of course. Sammy didn't like it so she had a go at Marinko , not sure why, it was just an opinion, apparently a free World permits this. Sammy did just this when she lost early at Wimbledon, as she usually does, she tweeted her feelings just after her apparent 'shock' loss to a lesser credentialed player.
Her 'tweet' was possibly one of the dumbest things i have ever read from a professional Sportsperson, even John Newcombe said the same thing . Worth a read.....
Anyhow back to 'Mad Dog ' Matosevic, this guy is a ripper , he speaks his mind, doesn't hold back and even made himself 'unavailable' for the recent Davis Cup tie in Western Australia. Come on you guys he was never going to gain a spot, we all know that, this was Lleyton's 'farewell' apparently . Hewitt was always going to play singles with Kyrgios even though Matosevic has a better win/loss ratio this year and is hitting a good ball. So what was Marinko going to do ? Peel the oranges ? Well done 'Mad Dog' , the week off in the States was a great idea......
Back to the idea behind this chapter. Sammy thinks 'Mad Dog' is 'out of line' as he has basically disrespected women , c'mon Sam get over it. Let's put things into perspective.
Men and Women 'earn' the same prize money at the Slams, not sure why but they do . If we really look further into it we can see that on average a Male Pro will play for around 3 hours, sometimes 4 or even 5 and pick up the same as what a Female Professional Tennis Player 'earns' in around 60 minutes, maybe 90 in an 'epic'. Money for jam.....
So what Marinko said regarding Andy Murray is brilliant and has merit as Amelie Mauresmo is a big surprise as the new coach of the Scotsman . What has she to offer for Andy after a genius such as Lendl or is it the percentage of prize money that may be the biggest factor here ?? 
When was the last time Amelie played 5 sets of tennis ??
Can I suggest something ?
Before Women Tennis Professionals can start knocking the guys for 'trivial' reasons they should maybe take a look at just how easy they have it in the Tennis World at the majors. Court time is not even close to what the Men do and the entertainment value for spectators is in the proof of ticket sales and bums on seats , correct me if I am wrong.
It is also rather obvious when the Slams are televised as to what matches gain 'Prime Time', again correct me if I am out of line.
Sammy probably won't read this but if anyone knows Sammy can you please forward this to her thank you ? To Marinko 'Mad Dog' Matosevic, you are onto something buddy , keep up the great work, regards GT.......

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