Monday, 20 July 2015


The following article is from The Courier Mail Newspaper written by Mike Colman. This guy seems to nail the whole issue. Sure Nick is a bit of a knob and Bernie gets himself into a bit of strife but they are very young and it's the nature of the sport. These guys aren't scholars, what would they have done if they didn't become Tennis Professionals ??  
I don't think I have ever knocked Bernie or Nick cos I feel sorry for their plight. They are playing a sport where their every move is being scrutinized by the public and the media. I never once had aspirations for my own kids to become any good at tennis because even at a local or state level a player will be asked to act way beyond his or her years.
In saying that I refer to the nature of the sport, a sport that can do the mind like a Chinese torture, it can turn a normal kid into an egotistical nutcase. Yeah sure it's all to do with the maturity of the kid but why would you want to risk it rather than let your own kids play a team sport and share the work load as well as the victory spoils or lessons learned in defeat ?
You don't see too many 'ugly parents' in team sports, sure a few exist but no where near as many as you witness at tennis. It's full of people who didn't have any success as a kid or even a parent for that matter so they live it through their child's ability. Even when I coached 5 days a week I did not watch a tournament, I simply told my students that they 'behave accordingly'. 
If they didn't well they would have a week or two off training as bad behaviour reflected not only on them but their parents and their coach. Plus I hated seeing the pockets of parents behind a court who were praying for a win plus a loss all at the same time. Most weren't interested in a good match, just a win for their 'prodigy' and a loss to the opponent no matter what the score.
That's the difference in a team sport, we all love to see a great game, most times the score is irrelevant, the team comradery out weighs any result. I have spoken many times of touring teams at certain junior tennis championships either local or state wide and of the 'peanut galleries'. They are the ones' allowed to operate behind the courts because the touring team 'coach' does not own enough brains to tell them that area is a no go zone during play. Kids are allowed to constantly ask for scores and add a few bits of commentary to upset the opposition, yet it is rife. 
That type of thing typifies the sport of tennis, it is not being taught by people who have enough intelligence to pass down to kids the right and wrong way of conducting themselves. Unfortunately tennis will probably never change as the new breed of 'Facebook Tennis 'Coaches' continue to flood the market with their 'worldly' ideas and gimmicks aplenty that leave aspiring students starry-eyed. We can only hope that the 'dinosaurs' of tennis coaching hang around long enough to impart some good on the game and to limit the 'damage' already done. Silly game tennis........

  Time we took our foot of the throat of Nick Kyrgios and Bernard Tomic, writes Mike Colman

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