Tuesday, 14 July 2015


As much as I like pulling the piss out of the tennis hierarchy I have been totally bemused by the whole Bernard Tomic affair. The fact that it has even got to the current embarrassing stage is testimony to the fact that tennis in this country is run by a bunch of people who really have no idea how to run it. For instance, whilst I have had a bit of a laugh at the most recent saga involving the 'Hall of Shame' episode I do realize that it was  probably not from one of Tennis Australia's leading men.
However what sort of people are TA hiring who have taken it upon themselves to post their own views in a rather silly tit for tat circus that is being plastered around the country ?All that it is really doing is showing that Tennis Australia do in fact NOT own control of the sport in this country and they also are fast losing the respect of other countries involved in tennis.
Why do you think that Bernard Tomic has come out with his rather vocal show of mistrust towards the people who are running a sport that sees guys like Federer, Nadal, Murray and Djokovic glorified as immortals ? It's because the countries that 'own' those superstars have no real public issues towards their players and if they do, well they keep them behind closed doors away from an embarrassing public spat that sells newspapers on a daily basis.
Bernard has been the first 'victim' of a cut in funding that TA has now enforced due to a man of Pat Rafter's knowledge coming into play with a down to earth view on who should and who shouldn't be handed a few dollars to help with costs. Pat I am certain funded his own way around the tennis circuit and he wouldn't have wanted it any other way, it made him work harder. Why this nation's tennis millionaires were still being funded up until now is a total mystery, a farce of epic proportions.
The latest stuff up from TA regarding the dig at Tomic in the 'Hall of Shame' comedy routine is simply a staff member venting their point of view on what they believe should be written about it all. So who is TA's proof reader ? Do they even have one ? How on earth did that ever see the light of day ? Is Tennis Australia so second rate that they don't have things in place to counter act staff members releasing personal point of views ?
Is there a reason why well over one thousand of Australia's newest and even most experienced tennis coaches belong to the ATPCA (Australian Tennis Professional Coaches Association) who go about their business with a minimum of fuss ? Why is it that the ATPCA and it's coaches are not given the time of day by the sport in this country ?
Would it be that they are perhaps even more professional than the current unprofessional bunch of yobbos' who have been given the mantle of 'Head honchos of tennis in Australia' ?
Bernard Tomic apparently has been receiving a top up to his already bulging bank account and apparently so was Mr Hewitt up until not long ago when Mr Rafter read the facts and figures. How do I know this ? Well even though I was a long way off being a tennis professional I used to train with guys in Queensland who know a few people who know a few things about tennis in this country. It has paid to keep in touch over the years, enlightening to say the least.
So in summary, Bernard Tomic has every right to be pissed off because he's been made the example of by TA who call the shots on who gets money to pay for court hire and balls and travel expenses, etc. It's happened because he had the balls so to speak to actually say something towards an organization that has as much credibility as Mickey Mouse.
It's obvious that TA needs a good dose of professionalism though they have been looking for that for as long as I can remember.
Do you recall the FOUR CORNERS ABC program called 'State of Play' way back in 2010 ? Boy oh boy that was a classic wasn't it ? Fair dinkum it spelled it out in black and white just how bad things were in a sport that should be as glossy as a weekly magazine in a newsagency. If you haven't had the pleasure, look it up, it's worth watching.
Bernard, I am on your side Champ and just like that car advertisement goes most nights on television I reckon you should simply 'Go your own way'.........
Hopefully more will follow your lead........
Regards Glenn T (Tennis Nobody)

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