Sunday, 5 July 2015


Now due to some people not owning a sense of humour I have had to tone down some of the content on this site however when I hear certain things I feel I owe it to my three fans to relay the facts. So here's the latest.
If this following chapter goes any further I would like Mr John Newcombe to look back on his commentary of the Federer/ Groth match and correct me if I am wrong. The other night I wrote a chapter on Newk's one eyed approach to commentating, he didn't even know that Juan Monaco was from Argentina, he actually thought he was from Spain. Interesting Newk.
So to last night's match: Newk came out with a statement that no other tennis commentator would be silly enough to do, in fact no other tennis critic on the planet for that matter surely. Here it is. After Federer missed a backhand chip return against one of the World's fastest servers Sam Groth , Newk came out with " Federer's backhand chip return isn't a very good shot ".
Now if I have any of that statement wrong I do humbly apologise Mr Newcombe however I believe that I may just have this one correct. How does that analogy from Newk see the light of day do you think ? Newk is apparently a tennis expert, he gets paid big bucks to commentate at Wimbledon next to a bloke who wouldn't be so stupid to say anything like that, Todd Woodbridge.
Personally I believe that Roger Federer has the BEST backhand chip return in the game of tennis currently. Please send me an email if you can think of someone who owns a better one.......
Regards Glenn

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