Friday, 3 July 2015


So what's next for Bulgarian player Grigor Dimitrov ? Does he do what most have been suggesting for a while now and find a coach who can teach him how to play tennis ? Does he continue down the same path with fitness guru Roger Rasheed and maintain the mantel of being the tour's fittest pro who can't make an impression at the big tournaments ?
I maintain my view of Roger Rasheed who took Lleyton Hewitt from number 1 to number 19, he is not a qualified tennis coach at the professional level, he is a fitness coach. There is a difference.
Dimitrov should not be losing to guys like Gasquet on grass without even winning a set, same as the French Open this year, not a set was won in a loss to Jack Sock in round one. 
I don't believe I am being too hard on either of them as Grigor has every shot in the book.
Apparently Roger Rasheed has every 'move' in the book but that won't take Grigor beyond round three or four against the good guys.
Same old story it seems for one of the game's biggest talents, early exits against lower ranked players, plenty of fitness though Mr Rasheed, that's the main thing ey ?

And just a quick word on Sammy Stosur. Not quite sure what's going on there but to lose 12 games straight to a lower ranked opponent surely says something about her mindset. Sammy keeps offering things to the media like being 'more relaxed this year' and so on however that sort of talk accounts for nothing when you get dealt the equivalent of a double bagel.
Changing coaches as Sammy does will not fix her issues, she needs to see a sports psyche, she owns the shots, not the head. She is just one of many players who will go down in history as a good tennis player who didn't fulfil potential due to a mind that doesn't believe....

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