Friday, 3 July 2015


I thought that after the huge upset win by Dustin Brown over Rafa at Wimbledon last night it was time to repost a chapter I wrote on this guy way back in April last year. He's a talent, no doubting it, I just hope he can back up that win, it's what defines players.....
Thursday, 10 April 2014


Now Dustin Brown is no household name , Bec Hewitt probably dislikes him as he prevented her from spending another day in the player's box at Wimbledon last year when he sent her hubby Lleyton packing early. Today he beat American John Isner the World's number 9 player in the US Claycourt Championships in a thriller 6-4, 6-7, 7-6. Now this win will go down as a remarkable mindset victory for Dustin who is in fact ranked 101 as he had two match points in the second set. To put that behind him and regroup mentally in the final set particularly after a 5-1 lead in the deciding tiebreaker closed to 5-4 was nothing short of outstanding. What this victory does is rather obvious ;
What really is the gap in standard between a top ten player and a guy ranked outside the top 100 ? It's the mind , that's all . Any guy in the top 200 can hit a tennis ball , that's obvious , but it's what a player can do with a ball that defines him as a player . Just how good are guys like Novak , Rafa and Roger to be able to win each week on the Pro Tour even when they aren't perhaps at their best physically or mentally ? 
These guys are brilliant , no other word for them . If Mr Brown was to do some practice drills with Mr Federer it would be rather entertaining , Mr Brown would hold his own , he may even win more than he loses , but Mr Fed is a genius , Mr Brown is an apprentice. 
I mean that in all due respect to Dustin Brown , he is a brilliant tennis player and if his ranking were higher he would be a marketer's dream , the long dreadlocks give him an almost 'young Andre Agassi' appeal. If this guy breaks the top 50 you watch the sponsorship dollars that get thrown his way . Mr 'Dreadlock Holiday' is just a tournament win away from his biggest bank account seen since his induction into World Tennis many years ago . I hope he is able to back up his Isner victory , tennis needs Dustin , he is someone just a little different from the regular player , 101 ranking but World Class as far as entertaining. It's what the sport needs.........

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