Wednesday, 8 July 2015


  A while ago I posted a chapter on Serena Williams regarding her behaviour at the Hopman Cup which was less than exemplary to say the least. I also touched on a subject that has gained some publicity over the past six months or so. It referred to Serena throwing her runners up trophy in the bin at the conclusion of the presentation. 
Now some people refuse to buy into it, others have had a say including the guys at Court Talk, Perth's number one tennis radio programme. Their view is simple, Serena threw the trophy in the bin. I stumbled across a few comments on an ABC Grandstand Facebook page just recently.
I have taken the names off it however if anyone wishes to look it up please feel free, it's legitimate. The following comments are from people who do not like Serena who it seems is a great winner but not such a good loser.....
Personally I like the first comment the best, it backs up my claims that Serena did in fact throw the trophy away....
 hope she didnt throw that in the bin like her 2nd place trophy from the Hopman cup

     Hopefully we don't forget what she's like when she's losing..."I'll shove this f***ing ball down your f***ing throat", and the time she hid in the panic room when the drug testers rocked up because she thought "they were intruders". Um....intruders don't knock. Oh, you mean you hid there for another reason. Riiiight....

  •  Can't stand her. She's as fake as Hollywood boobs. I go for anyone who plays against her.

  • The following is courtesy of 'The New York Post'. Great little article this one. I see that someone even suggested that Serena retreated to her 'panic room' to grab a bile of her pee that wasn't laced with 'gear'. C'mon that's a bit harsh buddy.
    Interesting however that you would go to a room like that if someone actually knocks on your door. Most intruders don't knock, they usually just break in.....
    Many theories on this little episode but I will simply stick with my views and they are that I do not have any time for her despite the fact that she is the best female tennis player in the World.
    Take a read....

    Serena Williams locks herself in panic room in drug-test mix-up

    LOS ANGELES — Serena Williams fled to the panic room in her Los Angeles mansion when she mistook a sports association drug tester for a dangerous intruder.
    The tennis legend’s assistant called 911 around 6:00am local time last Wednesday and told the emergency operator that a prowler had been spotted at the luxurious property, TMZ reported.
    Williams retreated to her panic room in a bid to protect herself.
    But the intruder turned out to be a random drug tester who stopped by unannounced for a urine sample.
    Cops responded to the 911 call but quickly left the property when the misunderstanding was discovered. It was not known whether Williams submitted to the drug test.

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