Sunday, 12 July 2015


The following article is the latest in the bout between Tennis Australia and Bernard Tomic. Apparently this is the way in which you treat a tennis professional who is not blinded by the bright lights of TA, so it seems.
Tit for tat or just blatant grubby tactics from Tennis Australia ?? I have my theories. Facebook has gone mad, dozens of comments, I made a few myself. It seems I am not the only one who thinks TA are a bunch of knobs.....

Tennis Australia apologises for Bernard Tomic 'Hall of Shame' press release typo

Tennis Australia (TA) has apologised for a typo in a press release that could have further inflamed the tensions with Bernard Tomic.
TA emailed out a press release on Monday morning which said Tomic was due to play an upcoming match at the "Hall of Shame Tennis Championships".
The correct name for the tournament is the Hall of Fame Tennis Championships.
The typo could have exacerbated the feud between the organisation and Tomic even further, but TA issued a hasty apology after it was picked up on social media.
"Tennis Australia sincerely apologises for the typo in the daily results service today. This has now been corrected and we wish both Bernard Tomic and JP Smith all the best in the Hall of Fame Championships in Newport," TA said in a statement.

"This unfortunate error has been widely circulated on social media and there is some discussion as to how such a mistake could occur.
We have a very upset staff member who made a simple clerical error.
Tennis Australia

"We have a very upset staff member who made a simple clerical error.
"The result listing before the Hall of Fame Championships, the Sharm El Sheikh event in Egypt, won by Astra Sharma, should provide some explanation as to how this error occurred.
"There was no malicious intent."

Yeah sure Tennis Australia, we believe you......

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