Sunday, 12 July 2015


I hate tipping the big matches because usually I go with sentiment. This year at Wimbledon is no different. In tennis they always say 'you learn more from a loss than a win'. Fed learned a lot last year and he is one match away from something totally outrageous when you consider most had written him off.
Let's say Fed in 4 sets. Yes that's sentimental but not really that silly when you do all the sums and put the intricacies of the game into a basket and then pull them out and dissect them. Novak has to come up with a lot of winners, maybe 50 plus to beat Roger. Even that may be too much of an ask for a player of Novak's ability on a grass court.
Fed in 4, just feel obliged to have a crack at it......
30 minutes to game time, go Rog......

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