Friday, 10 July 2015


Grigor Dimitrov Splits With Roger Rasheed: What's Next For Both Of Them?

After an early exit at Wimbledon and continuing a poor year, Grigor Dimitrov ends his relationship with two year coach, Roger Rasheed.

I do believe that I have been writing this on my site for quite some time now. It's all very well to get a player fit but if you can't teach him the finer points of the game well ........
Roger Rasheed is not a tennis coach, he's a fitness guru, players need to be aware of that fact before they hire him. Rasheed does not spend long with any player because he does not have the tennis smarts associated with the higher levels of the game and the elite level of thinking required. A bit harsh ? No I don't believe so, Roger took Hewitt from World number 1 to 19, he has done nothing with Dimitrov except get him fit.
Grigor needs someone to teach him how to play tennis......

The following is part of a chapter I wrote immediately after the French Open where Grigor lost in round 1 to Sock. I reckon I was onto it like a seagull onto a chip....

'Grigor Dimitrov needs either an ex professional who knows the game well or he needs a tactical genius who has studied the game for many a year and can impart some knowledge of substance.
I would hate to see a player of Grigor's shot making ability turn out to be a 'no hit wonder' who only won some obscure events and who had an occasional win against the big boys. He is at a time in his career where he needs to find someone other than Rasheed for some answers. I think this year may just be the year unless his Wimbledon effort is of significance.
Watch this space.......'

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