Sunday, 12 July 2015


Sentiment has no place in tennis. Picking a player of Roger Federer's brilliance to win Wimbledon at age 33 really was full of hope more than anything else. Tennis has a funny way of deciding who should win what tournament.
Take the French Open for instance. Novak was a shoe in to win that yet he falls to Stan who was never on the radar to win that event.
Would Novak have given up this year's Wimbledon trophy for a Roland Garos title or did the loss in Paris make him even more determined to win in London ? Only tennis knows the answers.
I picked Fed to win because he is an ornament to the sport, Novak still has a way to go until he is considered as good as Rafa and Roger, but he is on his way.
I still would have preferred Fed to win Wimbledon but that's just being sentimental....

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